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Explanation of the Kingfield TIF (Tax Increment Financing District), Credit Enhancement Agreement

(Webmaster Note: This page written by Greg Davis, former Administrative Assistant, in 2007/08 during the TIF process)

Aerial: Kingfield Poland Spring Plant construction – 8-12-07

After a year of study , the Kingfield TIF Committee members provided education and designed the TIF, credit enhancement agreement and bond issue to accomplish identified development goals.

The special TIF Committee included Selectmen John Dill, Neal McCurdy, and Heather Moody and businessmen John Goldfrank, Tom Hildreth and John Witherspoon. Assisting this committee were Greg Mitchell, Eaton & Peabody consultant; and Greg Davis, Kingfield’s  former administrative assistant.

Following a Public Hearing on November 8, 2007, the Special Town Meeting attendees, estimated to include approximately 75 eligible voters, overwhelmingly approved the TIF programs by a voice vote at Webster Hall. Farmington Attorney Paul Mills served as the meeting moderator.

The Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District has been developed as a local tool to promote economic development.

Tax increment financing is a financing program whereby taxes on the incremental new value of development is used to fund economic development programs and projects included in the “development program.”

Why a TIF?

It stimulates private sector investment and job creation. For a town, it shelters impacts and TIF revenues from new taxes used for dedicated economic development programs and projects.

An outer wall segment lifted into place on 8-9-07. Greg Davis photo

A TIF District has defined geographic boundaries. The proposed Kingfield TIF District includes 38 parcels comprising 249.9 acres with a current total assessed value of $3.69 million.

Poland Spring Development Program

Poland Spring is making a $51 million investment in a new 200,000 square feet bottling facility, which includes:

$21 million in taxable real property (construction of the facility).

$30 million tax exempt personal property (two bottling lines) with state reimbursement.

The facility is built to accommodate two additional bottling lines (if/when this happens it represents another $30 million investment and significant additional jobs).

Jobs (60 net new jobs planned with the two bottling lines).

$4.5 million electrical upgrade that benefits Kingfield too (i.e. less likelihood of experiencing some local power outages).

Town Development Program

The basis of the Town program is the recently adopted Kingfield Comprehensive Plan.

Town Meeting approval of the District Plan was required and obtained Nov. 8, 2007.

Town Meeting action is required for any future financial appropriations from TIF revenues beyond the approval of the initial TIF and associated agreements.

Potential Investments within the Proposed District

Outer wall segment lifted, 8-9-07 Greg Davis photo

Waste Water project to support Poland Spring facility. APPROVED – Nov. 8, 2007 (Includes property acquisition, bond issue)

Village common septic system study and upgrade.

Truck/traffic calming measures for Route 27.

Public works capital equipment.

Fire department capital equipment.

Village sidewalk replacements and upgrades.

Village enhancement plan and capital investments.

Economic development public infrastructure investments.

Wireless Internet access to Village.

Credit Enhancement Agreement with Poland Spring. – APPROVED in the Nov. 8, 2007 Vote – Actual document awaits the final signatures of town officials and Poland Spring representatives – pending.

Revolving Loan Fund for local businesses.

Matching funds for State and/or Federal economic development grant programs.

Town administrative assistant salary (15 %portion).

Annual “Kingfield Days” sponsorships.

Annual “Kingfield Pops” sponsorships.

Ongoing TIF program administration.

The TIF Terms

Steel girders & roof progress, 8-13-07 Greg Davis photo

30-year Term.

Total of $8.9 million (estimate) in new tax revenues captured (real estate only) over that time period.


Credit Enhancement Agreement (CEA) with Poland Spring at a fixed 40% (of total captured value) for 30 years – Note: Percentage increases for the first ten years to cover the Kingfield ‘Gateway” ( Bill Gilmore 40.59-acre property acquisition.


TIF Revenue Estimates and Uses

$21 million real estate value results in:

Outer walls are erected, 8-13-07 Greg Davis photo

Kingfield TIF Program – $5.0 million

Kingfield General Fund – $840,000 captured in last four years

Poland Spring abatement – $3.9 million

$30 million in equipment value is not part of the analysis.

Financial Plan “Sheltering Effect”

With new investment, the real estate valuation goes up, but the State’s “Essential Programs and Services (education) subsidy and Municipal Revenue Sharing subsidy goes down while County tax expenses increase for the community.

A TIF “shelters” captured new value by excluding it from the total municipal value reported to the State for the length of the TIF.

Poland Spring TIF Contributions – Gray Water System Project

Poland Spring donation of $30,000 for engineering costs associated with the project design.

Poland Spring commitment to guarantee municipal debt associated with the system.

Poland Spring agrees to a fixed annual user fee of $70,000 to reimburse Kingfield’s capital and annual maintenance costs (can be applied directly to tax relief, since TIF revenues will cover the actual bond payment for the system’s construction and related property acquisition).

Kingfield purchases a “Gateway” 40.59 – acre property at $350,000 for the waste-water system at a discount from Poland Spring.

Kingfield Gateway

Poland Spring to carry the cost ($350,000) of the key 40.59-acre “Gateway” property acquisition on behalf of the Town, to be reimbursed through TIF proceeds.

Poland Spring donation of $5,000 to be applied to a real estate option on another key “Gateway” property (totaling approximately 28 acres) for $275,000.