Officials & Department Heads

Town Officials, Department Heads & Primary Contacts

Administrative Assistant: Leanna Targett   265-4637 or 491-8092
Assessing Agent: William Brown/Raymond Meldrum 265-4637
Animal Control Officer: Paul White  320-8362
Code Enforcement Officer: Tom Marcotte  265-4637 (Available at Town Office on Tuesdays 8-4:30)
EMA Director: Fred Nichols  265-2911
General Assistance Officer: Leanna Targett  265-4637 or 265-4597
Registrar of Voters: Leanna Targett   265-4637
Fair Hearing for G.A: Donald Tranten 265-4637
Fire Department Chief: Fred Nichols  265-2911 or 265-4637
Health Officer:  Mary Dexter  265-4637
Kingfield Wastewater Secretary:  TBD     265-4637
Librarian: Webster Library – Julia Bouwsma 265-2052
Moderator: Paul Mills 778-3521
MSAD #58 School Board Directors: Johanna Prince;  Kim Jordan 265-5014;  Julie Talmage 265-4046 Kim Robinson
Superintendent of Schools:  Susan Pratt  639-2086
Treasurer/Deputy Clerk:   Raylene Tolman  265-4637
Transfer Station Manager: David Taylor 491-6284
Town Clerk/Tax Collector:  TBD 265-4637
Plumbing Inspector: Tom Marcotte 265-4637 (Available at Town Office on Tuesdays 8-4:30)
Public Works Director:   Brian Collins 491-8091
Sexton: Seth Nickerson   380-6118
Water District Superintendent: Alan Stewart  265-4891
Wastewater Superintendent:  Mike Shirley 491-2992